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Typically no, however voice mail can be added to most systems and increases the telephone systems functionality.

Yes, every telephone system has its’ limits. This is why pre-planning your next telephone system purchase is critical. A telecommunications dealer should sit down with you and discuss these issues at length.

It really depends on the size and complexity of the telephone system. It could take as short as 3 – 5 days or as long as 3 – 5 weeks.

Most telephone systems come with multiple passwords. There’s usually a password for the technician and a different one for the customer to make simple or minor changes to the system.

Most manufactures have warranties on their equipment as long as a certified dealer does the installation. If the system was installed by a certified dealer the warranty period is usually for one (1) year, but check with your dealer for specific details concerning the warranty of your system.

The cost of the system usually includes a certain number of telephones; however, the number of telephones should be clearly specified on your dealers work order prior to signing an agreement.

Each manufacturer decides on the size and design of each different telephone system. However, a good rule of thumb is, set aside two square feet for every square foot required for the system. In addition, all electronic equipment needs enough “breathing room” for air flow to keep the system cool.

Most newer systems come pre-programmed with all the functionality required by most companies. If in doubt, always check with your telephone dealer

An extension to extension telephone call is usually standard on all telephone systems.

I insist that all my customers call me first. Usually within a 10 – 15 minute telephone conversation I can assess the situation and advise the customer on the next course of action. If I think it’s a “telephone system” problem, I will usually arrive on-site within 1 – 2 hours depending on proximity.

Generally, most telephone systems are comparable as long as you are comparing small systems side-by-side and large systems side-by-side. The biggest difference is with the dealer who is selling and installing your system. When I sit down with a potential client my intensions are on what’s the best fit for the customer, not what system I have the most of.

Generally speaking, once we have a signed agreement, a fifty percent deposit is needed and the balance is due upon completion.

We do not repair old telephones. However, you could purchase a replacement telephone from Silver & Black Telecom and we can try to have the old telephone repaired and returned to you for an additional cost.

After the warranty expires all repair work is charged by time & materials. You can extend the warranty by purchasing a maintenance contract. Our maintenance contracts are computed based on system purchased, size of system, auxiliary equipment and length of contract. We always give discounts for multi-year contracts.

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