Phone System Features and Accessories

Even though the following equipment is not a necessity for your new business telephone system, some of these added features can add value to your system and make your company more productive and profitable.

Music On Hold

Music on-hold systems can still play music while your customers are on hold, however, they can be a very inexpensive sales person too. Newer music on hold systems can be programmed to advertise your current promotional items or inform your customers of special upcoming “sales” dates. Some music on hold systems come with their very own software, so you can record your own personal message in a very professional manner.

External Paging Systems

External paging systems have been around for quite some time. In the past, these systems were designed for large companies with massive square foot offices and warehouses. Now, smaller companies with employees who are on-site but on the go, find them very useful in locating personnel to respond quickly to sales calls or customer service calls. These systems are also useful in the case of an emergency; (i.e.; fire, toxic leaks, etc.) or other situations when an entire building or a particular work area needs evacuating.

Call Accounting Systems

Call accounting systems are very dynamic and can be very useful to businesses in a variety of ways. Some systems can be programmed to help fight the spiraling costs of telephone usage, while in other circumstances; it’s a way that certain professional offices; (i.e. Attorney, CPA, etc.) will find it most useful in billing their customers for telephone conversations or consultations.

Power Assurance

Power assurance is taking the necessary precautions today, to provide for business continuity and timely data recovery in the event of an electrical brown-out or black-out. With the proper safeguards, data loss, downtime and damage to sensitive electronics can be minimized or eliminated.

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